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Lake Level

Lake Level

CMYC now has its own dedicated weather station giving up to the minute weather conditions of humidity, temperature, rainfall,  and wind. The sensors are located in Middle Cove and send a wireless signal to the Control Console in the club house. Check it out on the Weather & Webcam page. If you have a smart phone or tablet, there are free apps available for Apple or Android devices to access the CMYC data. Links for these apps are on the Weather & Webcam page.

CMYC members are encouraged to fly their club burgee on their boat while in port or underway. At least it will notify others in the area of your presence.

Do you know the proper orientation to fly the burgee?

Watch the video to the left to see which "side" is up. It might be interesting to see how many are flown upside down.

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Renewal Notice for 2015 Clean Water Certification Program (CWCP)

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s (TCEQ) rules require that certain boats regulated under 30 Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Subchapter A, Section 321.3 be equipped with a Marine Sanitation Device (MSD). Additionally, under Section 321.5 the MSD must be certified. Boats must display evidence of certification in accordance with Section 321.6 of the rules when they are operated on any waters of the State. In accordance with 30 TAC, Subchapter A, Section 321.7(d), your current MSD certification will expire on December 31, 2013. To renew your certification, please visit the Online Registration for Boats and Pump-out Stations (ORBPS) at https://www3.tceq.texas.gov/sunss/. Once all sections of the application form are completed and payment is submitted online, an email will be sent to the email address provided with a certification confirmation number. Please allow 10 days after online renewal for delivery of your decal via standard mail. Important: If you no longer own the boat for which this notice is intended, but have replaced it with another boat requiring MSD certification, please use the online system to register your new boat. If you no longer own a boat that requires a MSD certification, please send an email to cwcert@tecq.texas.gov, or call 512-239-BOAT, providing your name and boat description along with the TX or Hull Id Number. This information will assist us in updating our records. If you have any questions, please contact the CWCP staff at (512) 239-BOAT.

Vessels on Lake Texoma (or any waterway) are required to operate in a prudent matter which does not endanger life, limb, or property (46 USC 2302). Vessels are subject to the consequences of neglect (Rule 2), which, among other things, could be unsafe speeds (Rule 6), improper lookout (Rule 5), or completely ignoring your responsibilities as prescribed by these Navigation Rules.

Leaving the Cedar Mills Marina gas dock or guest slips and going to full plane within feet of the “No Wake” signs heading back to the Cedar Mills Marina power boat slips is dangerous and subject to legal actions. You can additionally be responsible for damage caused to boats.


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